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Even more than Kushner, Felder's art operates in a post-passing moment, where queerish and Jewish are not subtexts needing to be read, but are openly thematized in the work.
Must hits are Lauderdale's Sebastian Beach and 12th Street on Miami's South Beach; between lies the queerish north end of clothing-optional Haulover Beach.
In this light, Kippenberger's and Oehlen's willful adoption of Rat Pack, night-carousing personae (Kippenberger signed more than one painting "Sinatra"), which at times seemed to overwhelm the reception of their art, might be understood as a parodic reprisal of Beuys's guru status--one that is itself reprised by von Bonin's queerish sailor chorus line in Alles Roger Commander and her joyful girl community in Pryde.