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For one thing, he used to go along the hedges muttering to himself like a dam' fool; and then, these foreign- ers behave very queerly to women sometimes.
she screamed at the top of her voice, and all the guests began drinking it directly, and very queerly they managed it: some of them put their glasses upon their heads like extinguishers, and drank all that trickled down their faces--others upset the decanters, and drank the wine as it ran off the edges of the table--and three of them
The combination was queerly suggestive of a sexton; but when Brown remembered the deaf servant who dug potatoes, he thought it natural enough.
These have been treated very carefully--and very queerly.
This little place, queerly enough, has become one of them.
Vows, love, promises, confidences, gratitude, how queerly they read after a while
We have met already," she said, putting her little hand into the huge hand of Yashvin, whose bashfulness was so queerly out of keeping with his immense frame and coarse face.
He told me once quite simply that he found it very difficult to make out what made people always act so queerly.
He stared at me so queerly that I hardly know how to define his aspect.
Diane Anderson-Minshall is an editor-at-large for The Advocate, editor-in-chief of Plus magazine, and co-author of the memoir Queerly Beloved.
11) Soon after Anais thinks about the historical plight of women, one of the girls in The Panopticon 'whistles, long and low' at Anais and, when the heteronormative policeman chastises her, the response is queerly defiant: 'I wasnae whistling at you, pal [.
When he did he saw the child was queerly beautiful, with gold red hair, and a face as serious as complete happiness.