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(1) The authors would like to acknowledge the help of the following individuals/organizations in the preparation of this article: two anonymous reviewers; Lee Tae Cobb; Emma Leigh Waldron; Elizaveta Freisem; Nirvan West; Kenny Thach; Amanda Phillips, Bonnie Ruberg, Josef Nguyen, and Alexandrina Agloro; Refiguring Innovation in Games (York University); University of California Davis ModLab; Queerly Represent Me; The LGBTQ Game Archive.
In this regard, Alex invitingly dancing to Alvaro's music on the coastal esplanade can be read not just as a hint to relationality through an "epiphany" of "mutual recognition" (Zamostny 201), but also as a token of child/teenage play and dance that can be interpreted as the queerly Utopian in this film.
Comparing queer choral performances to the uses of group singing within the civil rights and labor movements, "A Queerly Joyful Noise" maps the relationship between different forms of oppression and strategic musical forms of resistance.
Mylan, queerly, had classified the EpiPen as a generic.
Edward McCaughan's work takes the analysis of social and political movements into the realm of visual art as he considers how the LGBT movement in Mexico has used art to imagine ways of being "queerly Mexican." His analysis demonstrates how the artistic practices of Mexican gay artists and the exhibition spaces used by gay and lesbian activists opened up the spaces for sexual diversity within civil society in the context of a fragile and uneven democratization process within Mexico.
Michael Crowhurst, in his article "Using a Critically Aesthetic Auto-Ethnographic Reflective Methodology to Reflect on a Queerly Identifying Preservice Teacher's Wish to Change Her Allocated Professional Placement Site," describes placing a queerly identifying preservice teacher in a private religious school.
Since all US interventions are queerly measured in dollars, the cost of these forays run into trillions of dollars and is mounting; untold human miseries not withstanding.
queerly academic thoughts are essentially elegiac but not necessarily
Placing the focus on lesbianism and other forms of queerly gendered relations and their sexual dimensions may change the effects of the sexy in sexism.
One remembers (nostalgically, alas) Judith Butler's suggestion that the potentially offensive sign on the gay male restaurateur's door, "She's overworked and needs a rest" (167), was an occasion to think about how no constituency owns the feminine (not the female, the feminine); or how the offence taken by the theologian who hated jello-esque religious kitsch became for Eve Sedgwick an analysis of the queerly reparative vestiges of sentimentality (Epistemology 142-43); or, more recently, Lee Edelman's suggestion that we respond to Christians' jeremiad that queers are destroying the world not with "self-righteous bromides of liberal pluralism" (16) but with an analysis of how such jeremiads might, or even should, be true.
I noticed between firing strings that these guys were looking at me queerly. I had a short conversation with them and one sneered that if he had to wear a sissy pad he'd stop shooting.
Azzarello's book consists of six chapters: Chapter 1 Nature and Its Discontents, Chapter 2 Thoreau's Queer Environmentality, Chapter 3 Melville's Apples of Sodom, Chapter 4 Cather's OntoTheology of Oikos, Chapter 5 Barnes's Queerly Nietzschean Nature, and Chapter 6 The Philosophical Upshot.