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We really want to experiment with what it means to have an emotional, social, and potentially spiritual legacy with gender queerness in your family.
Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time, Dinshaw once again demonstrates the interwoven nature of the medieval, the modern, and the contemporary in her study of medievalism, the amateur, and time.
In Chapter 3, "The Block Is Hot: Legibility and Loci in The Wire," Neal furthers his discussion of black male cosmopolitanism and queerness by way of the HBO drama.
The genre of Britten's Peter Grimes is central to its reception and our understanding of it, given not only that opera is associated in various ways with queerness but, moreover, that the opera is such a high art form.
It was an epidemic that confirmed, as Bersani's defiant question articulates, the phobic association between queerness and annihilation.
For film scholar Brett Farmer, the feminization of the male image that Cohan alludes to attests to the antiheteronormative queerness running through the film musical; it surfaces, for instance, in the genre's extensive representation of forms of gender or sexual subversion: cross-dressing, androgyny, butch women or effeminate men, transvestism etc.
Before we turn to the concept of the default reader, however, a few words on my use of the terms queer and queerness are due.
One version of Mackie's argument from queerness involves, in its first premise, the idea that moral judgments are queer, and hence different from other judgments, because they have some kind of special force built into them--an internal prescriptivity.
For more than a decade, queer migration and citizenship studies scholars have investigated the relationships between queerness, immigration, terrorism, and citizenship.
The irony of Fincher's introduction is that, given his attention to penetrating gazes, he doesn't stop to consider his own subject position as the critic who seeks to "penetrate" the text in order to reveal its queerness.
Several pieces on class and queerness critically discuss class and sexuality, a topic insufficiently addressed in previous Arab and Arab American feminist texts.
THERE'S nowt as queer as folk, and the queerness in all of us makes news, as much as it makes a story in the pub or around the dinner table.