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I think of queerness as a way to disrupt, reimagine, and liberate our bodies and minds--we need to tell more stories that reveal the nuances of our identities and desires," she says.
SJ Sindu writes with poetic precision, threading together rich details of Hinduism, Sri Lankan culture, the body, and queerness.
Historically, Beamish explains, gay characters in mainstream ballets are only allowed their queerness if they are tormented by it.
That's what the editor of Shakesqueer: A Queer Companion to the Complete Works of Shakespeare (2011), one of the last entries in Series Q, says: "this volume also suggests that queerness is everywhere.
4 Queerness allows us to uncover queer meanings in cinema or literature that have otherwise been ignored because of the history of Hollywood denying positive or realistic depictions of homosexuality in cinema.
The protagonist's reading of the Kamasutra, therefore, not only provides her with instruction in sexual and romantic relations, but provides a decidedly South Asian lineage to her own emerging queerness.
Emphasizing that queerness of James's work resides more in the effects of his style than his thematic choices, Ohi performs detailed, nuanced and conceptual readings of some of James's essays and fictions.
Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time, Dinshaw once again demonstrates the interwoven nature of the medieval, the modern, and the contemporary in her study of medievalism, the amateur, and time.
Mass media seems to present, then, fallow ground for thinking about class and queerness, stilted by its obsessive reliance on uncomplicated storylines and stock characters.
I believe, however, that through their comparison, we will better comprehend how queerness is channeled through sea drama, and the reparative effects that this channeling invokes.
Notwithstanding the lyrical connection, Neal does not discuss how queerness unfolds itself visually in the video.
Edelman's definition of queerness implicitly follows and reignites Foucault's famous claim (a claim we need to hear more in a culture of increasing homonormativity) that homosexuality "threatens people as a 'way of life' rather than as a way of having sex" ("Friendship" 310).