quell suspicion

See: disarm
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He directed his men to solve the 'DUIs' (deaths under investigation) in their area so as to quell suspicions that such cases were instigated by police.
He should clearly explain why he was in the UAE to quell suspicions once and for all.
Its emphasis on religious ideology over developmental economics has alienated Arab populaces, who have a growing preference for secular and effective governance; its inability to keep its numerous affiliates in step has led to the perception that it is too riddled with infighting to coherently govern; and it has been unable to quell suspicions regarding its connection to extremist violence," Obaid wrote.
Even the election of the most respectable professional cannot quell suspicions.
The way to quell suspicions about athletics spending is transparency, Likins said.
Seeking to quell suspicions that the Government wants to privatise big chunks of the service, Ms Hewitt said it was fully committed to a publicly-funded NHS.
Critics said Sir Michael Peat's investigation, announced last night, would do nothing to quell suspicions that the Queen spoke up to prevent embarrassing revelations emerging when Mr Burrell gave evidence.