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Army Superior Unit Award, 2d award, 31 October 1996, for operations in quelling a major inmate disturbance, 2 March 1996--3 March 1996.
A novel approach to therapy for the disease now shifts the priority from quelling the immune reaction to rebuilding the epithelial layer.
Because other studies have linked C-reactive protein to inflammation, the two new studies suggest that quelling inflammation--and thus slowing a rush of cells to the site of angioplasty inside a blood vessel--is central to rosiglitazone's effects against vessel blockage, Choi says.
Data on prescription practices show that although the New York law heralded a sharp drop in benzodiazepine Prescriptions, it also preceded marked increases in prescriptions for other sedatives that are more addictive, less effective in quelling anxiety, and more dangerous when taken in an overdose, according to a report in the Nov.