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28) reported that the intrinsic fluorescence of protein is mainly contributed by the Trp residue alone, the Phe residue has a very low quantum yield and the fluorescence of Tyr is almost totally quenched when it is ionized.
Modeling Heat Treatment for Characterizing Distortion, Residual Stress, Loading Response and Fracture in a Vacuum Carburized and Gas Quenched Steel Coupon," Proceeding from 5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modeling and Computer Simulation, Orlando Florida, 2014.
Thermal-elastic-plastic simulation of internal stress fields of quenched steel 40Cr cylindrical specimens by FEM, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 26(5): 732-739.
sv], = 87L/mol) (6), fluoranthene is more quenched by MAH due to its longer lifetime of around 50 ns (16) compared with 6 ns for anthracene.
The density of generated FE mesh is considerably higher along quenched surfaces (Fig.
The three test compounds that fluoresced, isorhamnetin, quercetin, and vitexin, also quenched the fluorescent probes (data shown in Table 2).
For tool steels quenched from over 2000F, the quench rate from about 1800F down to about 1300F must be rapid enough to avoid undesirable reactions which can impair toughness and hardness response.
The investment program is part of SSAB's strategic focus to strengthen the product portfolio towards more value added steel products, and to further meet customers' growing demand for quenched and tempered steels.
When austempering, components are quenched from the austenitizing temperature to a temperature above the martensite start temperature (M) and then held for a time sufficient to form the desired microstructure (ausferrite).
6mm, it has to be quenched within five seconds of leaving the oven, to ensure the metallurgical characteristics are retained.