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'Quenching' showcases a variety of artworks that are intended to enhance perception and awareness through a discovery of sports and art, via a multi-media approach, according to the curator, Chen Yen-Huei.
The dynamic fluorescence quenching comes from the crash between enzymes and inhibitors [21].
In recent years, few researches on control parameters' optimization of continuous quenching machine were performed.
In Section 3, two computational experiments are carried out to validate and demonstrate quenching and no quenching solutions via the latest adaptive and semi-adaptive algorithms constructed.
The finding gives astronomers an important clue towards understanding which process dominates quenching at various cosmic times.
In metallurgy, quenching is a common manufacturing process to harden materials such as aluminum or steel to enhance mechanical properties.
In this dry quenching process, nitrogen is used in a closed circuit to avoid environmental emissions.
[13] worked on mathematically formulating quenching process by means of a nonlinear finite element technique which included the coupling of thermal, metallurgical and mechanical fields.
Since there are several molecular interactions such as vibronic coupling, energy transfer, and conformational changes that may serve as a source of fluorescence quenching, care was taken in analyzing the quenching results with two different models, using the classical Stern-Volmer plots as well as the Smoluchowski-type quenching model [12].
Glezer and Permyakova (both National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev) explain the process of rapidly quenching ferrous metals form the liquid state, melt quenching, which provides fundamentally new opportunities for producing advanced materials with unique combinations of properties.
The explosion venting IQR [System.sup.TM] comprises two parts, an explosion vent and a quenching module.