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More than the quenchless skin it is the hands' insatiable hunger
But quiet to quick bosoms is a hell, And there hath been thy bane; there is a tire And motion of the soul which will not dwell In its own narrow being, but aspire Beyond the fitting medium of desire; And, but once kindled, quenchless evermore.
Modern social mobility is a Good Thing, of course, as is the endless choice we have as consumers ( providing we don't squash ourselves with a quenchless desire for more, in the belief the unknown is what we are missing.
Etna's flame Pales before thine, and quenchless Hecla's tame; Vesuvius shows his blaze, and usual sight For gaping tourists, from his hackney'd height: Thou stand'st alone unrivall'd, till the fire To come, in which all empires shall expire
The author's quenchless attraction to death forms the inevitable, overarching theme.
By means of this figure, Poe burlesques the quenchless sensibility of those virtuous, high-minded, sexless arty types in Gothicism, whose curiosity always outruns their rationality in prompting them to actions and emotions altogether rash, daring, or ridiculous in the face of what readers readily size up as horrors.
Ffrangcon Lewis argues, "that quenchless urge to strip away all appearances and expose an absolute authenticity finally dominates the novel, accompanied by an anxiety that such a quest brings not harmony but blankness, not reconciliation but an empty nothingness" (78).