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The Confederacy's first and only president has long been dismissed as a querulous, icy, self-centered meddler who micromanaged the military, feuded with generals, and squandered the advantages he held over Lincoln in both schooling and experience.
The centerpiece of that trip from Boswell's and Zaretsky's perspective was a set of visits to the lions of the philosophes, Voltaire and Rousseau, whom he found in querulous moods not improved as he hounded them with religious dilemmas not, it seems, widely shared in the francophone Enlightenment.
Among the silk-clad upper classes, King Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser) comes off as a slacker full of eccentric noblesse oblige, and Andrew Gower is a delightfully querulous and spoiled Bonnie Prince Charlie.
As far back as the 1960s, US writer, Paul Theroux, described Kenya as the querulous republic.
Lt-Gen Sir Henry Pownall, supervising the force, grumbled: "They are a troublesome and querulous party.
In This Is Not a Film and Closed Curtain, Panahi's confinement also precipitated a contemplation of his vocation, but in the ambulatory summa that is Taxi, his auto-homages--both direct (to Offside, The Mirror, and Crimson Gold [2003]) and oblique--feel imposed and peremptory: An irritating sequence in which two querulous women transport a pair of goldfish to Ali's Spring seems inserted for no other purpose than to summon his first feature, The White Balloon (1995).
Riley's mother comforts his complaints and querulous fears by sending him to visit Harvey, a neighbor who carves driftwood into benches and paints.
Former president Michel Sulaiman's term ended more than a year ago on May 25, 2014, and Lebanon's querulous faction leaders have deliberately failed to come to any agreement on how to muster the traditional consensus to appoint a new head of state, which is done by a vote in parliament.
As many in the cast do, Douglas takes on more than one role, most notably that of Judge Frank, who presides over this purgatorial melee with querulous humor.
The tone from London is querulous - a veiled threat along the lines of: "You shafted us, now you help us, otherwise how can we stay in your club?
There is a speaker who has been known to walk out when things become querulous, one who dangerously lights up a flag in the chamber, some members who make physical threats, while others walk out slamming doors.
Triple layers of ripped stockings, jeans made skinny before they became prefab and an assorted and eclectic mix of hippie-ish garbs that would have been the envy of everyone in Haight-Ashbury were just the outward manifestations of a querulous mind and a generally bad attitude.