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She spoke them as a querulous exclamation, as part of what director Bryan Forbes described as her essay in dragonhood.
Dr Stonehill's supposed querulous nature seems like a failed bid to try to make a worthy-but-dull medical story seem more dramatic.
Directed by Sean Holmes, it features Andrew Buchan taking the lead role of the querulous character, David Beaves, in The Man Who Had All the Luck.
He seems to be pushing; speeches that assert his pride-defined, of course, in terms of fine clothes and genital grandeur-sound not so much manly as querulous. Both characterizations go sour, and so, too, does the moral.
And while Benitez knows he has to win over the querulous Blues fans and some doubtful figures in the dressing room, he painted a stark contrast between life at as Stamford Bridge and his final months on Merseyside.
Alexandra's first comment to her grandson Denis (Vasily Shevtsov) after long absence is less tender than chiding: "You'll drop me." It quickly becomes apparent that this querulous woman, whose clothing and manner recall earlier times, embodies nothing less than Mother Russia.
That leads to problems in the play's key relationship, between Coriolanus and his terrifyingly proud, domineering mother, Volumnia, a rather querulous Margot Leicester.
Querulous and quivering, they announce - with many an arch gesture and flourish - their intention to perform for us the dreadful happening which turned their lives upside down.
Other notable contributions include Oliver Ford Davies's beautifully conceived Polonius, less querulous than is often the case if no less pedantic, John Woodvine as a resonant Player King and Mark Had@eld, always to be relied on for a good comic turn, as the Gravedigger.
But his supposed querulous nature seems like a failed bid to try to make a worthybut-Adull medical story seem more dramatic.
Bob's a bit of a lout, albeit a charming one, who's dumped the responsibility of young parenthood mostly into the hands of his querulous wife Teresa (Hruska).
Turnbull's disastrous polling has led to attacks from inside and outside his party after he gambled and called elections in both houses of parliament in an attempt to settle a querulous upper house Senate.