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Privately, many reporters are even more irritated by his querulousness and the stinginess with which he doles out information.
Once again, good food, exceptional wine and charming music soothed our savage breasts--although there was enough confusion and residual querulousness that Nanny was tested to the limit.
Barbauld's introduction to Smith's The Old Manor House in The British Novelists (1810) indicates that Barbauld conflates Smith's insistence on her sincerity with her tone of complaint: "her later publications would have been more pleasing, if the author, in the exertions of fancy, could have forgotten herself; but the asperity of invective and the querulousness of complaint too frequently cloud the happier exertions of her imagination" (The British Novelists; with an Essay and Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, vol.
Suddenly on the answering machine we hear the fragile voice of Leo's aged mother--whose constant querulousness had been shown in an earlier scene --begging to leave Madrid.
Patrick Moore, astronomer "There's no law that decrees when not to whinge, but you reach a certain age - 80 seems STAR Moore about right - when you're expected to manifest querulousness - the coffee's too hot, the boiled egg's too soft " Clement Freud, broadcaster ELDERLY EXERCISE "I am getting to an age when I can enjoy the last sport left.
Sentimentality, nostalgia, and querulousness too often overpowered his considerable metrical skill and his genuinely deep feelings and love of beauty.