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About Quester Quester believes in being smarter, in solving puzzles, and understanding people to bring untapped knowledge to organizations.
Professor Pascale Quester says: "This scholarship is a great example of Australia giving back to India, of the strength of the Indian community in Adelaide, and of the Indian diaspora retaining connections with the mother country.
Quester identifies between the views of the League of Nations and the United Nations at their respective foundings.
Co-investors are Quester Capital Management, NewMedia SPARK and Advent Venture Partners.
To all these, something of the holy man's spell and humanistic message is conveyed by the ascetic quester.
Much of what is truly of interest to the philosophical quester is likely to be (and to remain) in the throes of controversy within the scientific community.
Indeed, in the singularity of his perseverance and in both the high quality and quantity of his poetic output, Komunyakaa approaches the intensity of no less a figure than prototypical canonization quester Ralph Ellison in his bid for mainstream American literary status.
Runner up Frito Lay and research partner Quester presented a case study that analyzed a previously identified market segment, "Midlifers," and changed the way they looked at their consumers and categories.
com)-- “On the Quester Developers website, [developers and programmers using the Socrates ITB, Socrates API, or Aristotle API] will find documentation, examples, and technical data regarding Socrates and Aristotle,” writes Jereme Thomas, IT Director at Quester, in his July 12, 2013 blog post.
Besides being wise himself, the Quester also taught others knowledge.
Speakers and topics included Allan Bradley, president/CEO of Quester Pipeline Co.
since the launch of Quester VCT plc, now renamed SPARK VCT plc.