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The challengeablity and questionability of the trial [an assumption of civil lawsuits] or, in other words, the respect and reverence for the accused person's right of defense [an assumption in penal lawsuits] is considered to be the legitimacy criterion for the judicial verdicts; probably, this is the most critical principle and maxim in the set of laws regarding the course of action and procedures of judgment.
Norreklit (2000) emphasized the questionability of a causal relationship between indicators.
However, I will argue that when interrogated in this way the questionability of the use of Christ yields some interesting answers I am afraid the protestors of such art are not likely to entertain.
And, despite the moral, ethical and legal questionability of women deploying aggression as a response to male violence, Solana proposes that in the case she textualizes there is no route to salvation for the mistreated woman other than the definitive disappearance of her abuser.
But globally, one issue that remains is the questionability of some halal meat, reports Euromonitor.
As a limitation of these results, we note that the insertion of item 12 seems to be responsible for some slightly low fit indicators of the model, in addition to the questionability of this item.
Coupled with a desire to avoid asserting authority over matters it could do little about, its acceptance of the questionability of the humanity of indigenous people(s) was enough to put the papacy in a position in which it very seldom admonished colonists and their supporters for infringements of their natural rights.
The reality of his dream trumps concrete reality, even to the point of ethical questionability.
The costs and ethical questionability of current training methods have resulted in a groundswell for improved training through simulation in associated medical fields (e.
The dominance of the mechanistic metaphor is generated by the left hemisphere, which then not only blinds people to the source of metaphors in the right hemisphere, but to the pervasiveness of this mechanistic metaphor, its questionability and the possibility of replacing it.
Pacioli's coverage of barter also demonstrates the questionability of Yamey's decision not to take the rest of Summa into account when considering subject coverage and relevance to merchants, a strange decision given that the subheading he used for this section of his Commentary is, "Important Omissions From The Summa.
Pennington counters that given the questionability of redistribution within nations and differences among them, extension to the world is unfeasible.