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With this in mind, ELM Solutions has created actionable Insight Reports for TyMetrix 360, which allows users to spot the top 10 questionable billing practices and identify the top 10 timekeepers and law firm personnel who most frequently engage in costly practices.
As to his alleged dealings with the two questionable NGOs, Bueser denied having endorsed the NGOs or transacted business with them.
About 18,280 claims were referred for this reason, followed by questionable vehicle theft (12,180), prior loss/damage (12,012), fictitious loss (10,726), and suspicious property theft/loss (10,697).
LB Colin McCarthy (hamstring) and TE Craig Stevens (ribs) are questionable.
The comparable theories most relevant to explaining why crying foul can be reasonably expected to counter questionable tactics are those that approach argumentation as interaction, as an exchange between speaker and auditors involving bilateral vectors of communication.
Companies could make the whistleblower system in Europe available to address only complaints regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters, clearly defining the types of violations employees can report and limiting those types of violations to narrow categories of abuses that are specifically addressed by Sarbanes-Oxley.
Air-abrasion treatment of questionable incipient pit-and-fissure caries lesions does not preserve more tooth structure Original Article: Hamilton JC, Dennison JB, Stoffers KW, Welch KB.
A questionable W-4 is filed with the IRS along with Form 941.
In its April 26, 2004 report, the OIG reported instances of fraudulent activity totaling $435,900, and numerous improper and questionable uses of the purchase cards totaling $1.
and A Review of the Related Department of Family Services and Housing Financial Accountability Framework confirms allegations of questionable use of public monies by Hydra House Ltd.
Nonsensical busywork is used to justify questionable curricular content and dubious objectives are used to validate preposterous busywork.
financial system, mutual funds had been almost entirely spared the bad headlines and lawsuits--that is, until September 2003, when New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer revealed that a number of mutual funds were ignoring, or worse, facilitating, illegal or questionable trading by certain individuals and investment institutions, including hedge funds.