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30 (a questionably long three months after the neighbour reported the event), taken away in handcuffs, and placed in detention for six weeks before being placed in a foster home.
In the same specimens, the false-positive ketone reactions caused by cysteine or homocysteine ranged from questionably + to +++ with Rapignost and from questionably + to ++ with Chemstrip 9.
Of course she fares far better than Dianthe, but even in the idealized Meroe, the questionably powerful queen has no "self.
More than half of respondents said a company with a solid reputation is more likely to be viewed positively in a time of crisis than one viewed questionably by an already skeptical public.
For Siena, Cope chooses rather questionably Alessandro Piccolomini's Dialogo della bella creanza (which develops the theme of secrecy while not being a comedy), and the rustic farces of the Rozzi.
More questionably, however, he maintains that the main threat to the Republic was always from the Right.
But in deciding on book purchases they make a reprehensible mistake in kowtowing to questionably qualified critics" ("Books are Censored by Timid Librarians," 1959, p.
After The Black Crook and such questionably suspicious dance interludes on Broadway and its environs as Billy Watson's line of Rubenesque British beauties brought here in the 1870s (and known, perhaps a little unkindly, as "the Beef Trust"), showbiz and Broadway have enjoyed various and varying relationships with Terpsichore, her handmaidens, and her hand-boys.
Imagine, for example, an ethics committee pondering whether the family of a questionably competent patient should be informed about her care over her objections.
This is no reason to substitute a questionably nutritious confection for a nutritionally rich vegetable.
Our seminary's rector let it be known that he considered it too "radical," questionably Catholic and probably a communist front.
In Part 2 (Theory), Chorney's account of the capitalist takeover of our socioeconomic system is a valid contribution but is followed by more on the corporate city by Reid (who gives useful definitions, however) and by Nozick, who focuses on the alternative of Community Economic Development, which is questionably realistic and again overlooks the fact that communities, except perhaps for the most deprived, are not necessarily communities of propinquity.