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By their ides they start to try out, and with collecting their ideas, there were final questionary despite of members information, it had 27 says elated to organizational factors.
Occupational exposures to blood and body fluids among health care workers: a questionary survey.
Question number 12 in the questionary was about the function of political parties, whether it is in favor of community or is corruptive for the individual and the society.
Assessing social support: The Social Support Questionary. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 44, 127-139.
Let us note that this paper presents merely experimental results and any detailed human-related experiments are a matter of future work (see the proposed questionary below).
La escala tacticas de influencia (TIN), es una adaptacion realizada en Venezuela por Salom de Bustamante (1996) (12) del cuestionario IBQ (Influence Behavior Questionary) disenado por Yukl y Falbe (1992), que contiene 30 items fraseados afirmativamente en una escala de Likert que va <<yo nunca uso esta tactica bajo ninguna circunstancia (1) hasta <<yo uso esta tactica muy frecuentemente>> (5).
For this purpose, the autor, starts off with a preliminary work questionary and tries to answer it by developing a reflective discourse about the probable causal uses of the different iconographic and ideological adaptations or assimilations between these two political cultures at that time.
In troduction of surreying Beck depression reconsidered questionary, The guide of: Delavar Ali, Alame --Tabatabai university's .MSc Thesis.
(14.) IPAQ Guidelines for Data Processing and Analysis of the International Physical Activity Questionary -- Short and Long Forms [Internet].
We will realize a questionary survey of the general public and SMEs and prepare case studies of usage and benefits sustainability accounting on micro level.