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Also, teachers focus on questions questioning students and having the meaning of cricitizing and warning.
Four over ten teachers' questions require intellectual operation and these two ones require the information to remember, and again these two ones have feedback and control aim and the other two ones consist of aims for questioning of tools and materials, connection with the previous lesson, requiring reason and motivating.
Additionally, the Court referred to other training programs that encouraged the practice of questioning outside of Miranda first to secure an admission prior to proceeding with the advice of rights.
During the questioning of the alibi witness, the police became suspicious of his personal involvement in the crime.
To avoid contaminating a suspect's subsequent admissions and unnecessarily revealing investigative knowledge, investigators should initiate the criminal involvement phase of questioning by using only open-ended questions, which avoid the pitfalls of leading or informing suspects.
Now and only now, after they have experienced some type of questioning and synthesis, they should be given their own research topics.
In his motion to suppress, the defendant argued that signing the form letter was sufficient to invoke his Miranda right to counsel and to "thwart any further police-initiated questioning.
Cross-examination: Questioning by the other side's attorney in an attempt to discredit the witness's testimony.
The primary goal of the questioning is to obtain untainted information from the child that prosecutors can use in court proceedings.