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(Inquiry), noun asking, essay, examination, exploration, inquisition, interpellation, interrogation, investigation, probe, quaestio, query, rogatio, scrutiny, search, subject of inquiry, survey, test, theme of inquiry
Associated concepts: leading question
Foreign phrases: Rogationes, quaestiones, et positiones debent esse simplices.Demands, questions, and claims ought to be simple. Multiplex et indistinctum paritconfusionem; et quaestiones quo simpliciores, eo luuidiores. Multiplicity and indistinctness produce confuuion; and the more simple the questions, the more lucid they are.


(Issue), noun bone of contention, case, enigma, mystery, point in dispute, problem, proposition, puzzle, subject, theme, topic
Associated concepts: mixed question of law and fact, politiial question, question of fact, question of law
See also: analyze, canvass, challenge, check, consult, contest, cross-examine, disbelieve, discount, doubt, enigma, examine, hesitate, impugn, incertitude, incredulity, indecision, inquire, inquiry, interrogate, investigate, issue, matter, matter in dispute, misdoubt, mistrust, pose, probe, problem, propound, qualm, scruple, scrutinize, subject, suspect, suspicion, thesis, uncertainty

QUESTION, punishment, crim. law. A means sometimes employed, in some countries, by means of torture, to compel supposed great criminals to disclose their accomplices, or to acknowledge their crimes.
     2. This torture is called question, because, as the unfortunate person accused is made to suffer pain, he is asked questions as to his supposed crime or accomplices. The same as torture. This is unknown in the United States. See Poth. Procedure Criminelle, sect. 5, art. 2, Sec. 3.

QUESTION, evidence. An interrogation put to a witness, requesting him to declare the truth of certain facts as far as he knows them.
     2. Questions are either general or leading. By a general question is meant such an one as requires the witness to state all be knows without any suggestion being made to him, as who gave the blow?
     3. A leading question is one which leads the mind of the witness to the answer, or suggests it to him, as did A B give the blow ?
     4. The Romans called a question by which the fact or supposed fact which the interrogator expected, or wished to find asserted, in and by the answer made to the proposed respondent, a suggestive interrogation, as, is not your name A B? Vide Leading Question.

QUESTION, practice. A point on which the parties are not agreed, and which is submitted to the decision of a judge and jury.
     2. When the doubt or difference arises as to what the law is on a certain state of facts, this is said to be a legal question, and when the party demurs, this is to be decided by the court; when it arises as to the truth or falsehood of facts, this is a question of fact, and is to be decided by the jury.

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But suddenly she opened her eyes, stared questioningly at him.
That we are, as Heidegger states, called upon to be the shepherds of Being indicates that we find our freedom not in a forgetful mastery but in a mindful, interrogative caretaking, in concernfully and questioningly letting the Being of beings be.
Securities Regulation views federal securities regulation not so much as a body of black-letter law but rather as an evolving set of principles and doctrines, informed by the past and peering questioningly into the future.
When someone at my house spouts some seeming nonsense, we all respond, questioningly, "Communication--America's problem
b] transpositions of the ToDET, early in the work, the phrases end questioningly on F, the note that represents 9 in the 4:6:7:9 harmony.
She added: "Olaf's gonna be hanging around now and then observing s*** so if you see a strange looking brown haired man smiling at you questioningly with beer in both hands that will be him.
MY daughter looked sheepish as the smiley waitress looked questioningly at the table in front of her.
I have never felt so wretched - seeing two tear-stained faces looking questioningly at me as if to say "Why did you leave us?
Mary looked at me questioningly as the paper made its way around the table.
She was invited to sit down while the middleaged manager stood, looking questioningly at the open door.
So at the initial visit, immediately upon being seated fairly late one weeknight evening, I asked for the Octopus specialty and the sushi bar chef looked at me questioningly.
Yasmin looked at him questioningly and asked something in Arabic, to which he didn't respond.