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Going one day from the Cathedrall Church of St Paul in London to his own house without Temple Bar, he observed the signs of all the houses that were on the left side of the street, which are some hundreds questionless, and being come into his house he caused one of his servants to write them down in a paper as he named them and another being sent with the paper to try thereby if the signs of the houses did agree both in name number, and order with those written in the paper, found them exactly so to do.
"Questionless," he wrote, "[Aristotle] was so rational and ingenious a man, (not half so obstinate as many of his followers) that upon such probabilities as these he would quickly have renounced his own principles, and have come over to this side" (64).
Other chances Louis missed out on included going clothes shopping but not mentioning the prices, saying Eubank had alcohol on his bar bill but not saying how much, and sitting there questionless as Eubank seemed willing to open up about his father.
Turner also finds that Milton sometimes blends and blurs functions of male and female, and there are "the seeds of a redemptive and an inspirational revaluation of the `female' throughout the poetry" (186); and Woods believes that Milton has "an original indifference to matters of gender" which she sees as "informed and complicated by cultural and biblical attitudes toward women" (30); and Belsey desires a condition with no sexual essences, "a possibility God should have considered" (67); and--in the First Century--Feltham, quoted by Hughes in notes to Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce: "Questionless, a Woman with a wise soul, is the fittest Companion for Man: otherwise God would have given him a Friend rather than a Wife.
The same natural dignity--She was questionless happy!
[...] Education is questionless the best gift which can be bestowed upon the advancing Candidate for excellence indeed a cultivated mind, may be said to comprehend almost everything desirable, and its advantages are perpetual.

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