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Freely allow those friars so wishing to preach the word of God to the clergy and people wishing to hear it and let them receive the alms of the faithful freely given by the urging of divine charity; and then later, after this preaching is finished, similarly allow the said questors to carry out the business committed to them.
A long time since the hearties and the aesthetes, imperious questors and saint-faced degenerates, old boys of Yeats's 'tragic' (pathetic) generation in cricketing blazers and inept bow-ties who ate the altar rails, pawned pride for drinks, who died of thirst aupres de la fontaine or tumbled from high stools in the Rose & Crown.
After leaving school, Andrew joined the Questors Theatre in Ealing, one of the UK's most prestigious amateur theatre companies.
Mr Maurel is theatre director at The Questors Theatre - the largest community theatre in Europe.
The so-called constitutive' plenary session - with the elections of the new president of the EP, the vice-presidents, the questors and the definition of the numeric composition of the committees - will take place in Strasbourg in July.