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An abbreviation for last in, first out, a method used in inventory accounting to value the merchandise of a particular business.

LIFO assumes that the last goods purchased are the first sold and, as a result, those items that remain unsold in the inventory at the end of the year are assumed to be those which were purchased first.



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'The question now is, how relevant and crucial is this queuing server?
Stochastic Fair Queuing (SFQ) provides fair-share of buffer space for each sub-queue.
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For some queuing systems behavior of individuals and the flow consists of discrete entities is not important to identify the performance analysis, fluid queue models are use as approximate models.
When asked which type of line they preferred, 64% of the shoppers that used the queuing line said they thought it was faster.
Admittedly, [6] of these have shown that congestion can be controlled at gateway through routing and queuing scheduling algorithm.
I have said she owes me a bunch of flowers!" Lydia Newton, 20, of Guisborough, queuing with boyfriend Tom Kelly, 22, of Redcar, said: "I want to see David Beckham.
Although, to be fair to our queuing heritage, a recent visit to the USA confirmed that the Americans have taken it over and modified it to an art form.
"The doors of these three stations were closed at 10pm, the decision having been taken to admit as many queuing electors as was safe.
The ticketing system of queuing to pay at kiosks and then queuing to go through a barrier clearly needs reviewing and adapting.
A new smartphone-based ticketing and queuing solution from Lo-Q (AIM:LOQ), a provider of virtual queuing systems for theme parks and other attractions, is to be piloted at The London Eye, the company announced today.
I have a queuing stance - weight on one foot, alternating as required.