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QUIBBLE. A slight difficulty raised without necessity or propriety; a cavil.
     2. No justly eminent member of the bar will resort to a quibble in his argument. It is contrary to his oath, which is to be true to the court as well as to the client; and bad policy because by resorting to it, he will lose his character as a man of probity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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They admitted to faults, but in such a way as to deride their accusers as being, in the words that Casteen would later use, "quibblers." They dodged the blame for generalizations and omissions by attributing them to the larger, racist society and to the Black colleges themselves.
Such quibblers have rarely made it past the doors of this magazine, relegated outside to relish the pleasure of peeing on the stoop.
A further percentage of that minority of quibblers would probably choose to ignore the pale and proffered hands of the professionals and take up the burden of burial themselves if they were not stunned by the noisome grief imploding within them; if they were not too exhausted to reblaze a path of which few have heard and to which even fewer can find their way.
(Quibblers may note that Deloney's novels are not exactly pamphlets, but Halasz can appeal to his extensive activities as a ballad-writer to connect him with the culture of ephemeral print.) Halasz's readings are always inventive and stimulating.
(2) To quibblers who query how parallel lines can originate from the same point, it may be retorted that the geometry of metaphor is non-Euclidean.
Evidence of his having mounted stage or radio plays of substance is also passed over, usually by the trick of quoting good reviews first and then giving the quibblers and doubters the last word.
(55.) Quibblers on this point are directed to Philip K.