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QUIBBLE. A slight difficulty raised without necessity or propriety; a cavil.
     2. No justly eminent member of the bar will resort to a quibble in his argument. It is contrary to his oath, which is to be true to the court as well as to the client; and bad policy because by resorting to it, he will lose his character as a man of probity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Some quibbles could, and should, have been fixed by a good editor.
But these are quibbles. This is a smart book about Clinton and the presidency in general.
Quibbles: It is somewhat disingenuous to claim that "hidden dangers lurk" in passive investing.
When asked if he had any other methodological quibbles with the study, Smithers replied: "Initially, we worried that the HR managers who did not respond to the survey were either congenitally upbeat human beings who were not comfortable with the subject of depression, or folks who probably hit the sauce pretty hard and never got around to filling out questionnaires.
Still these are quibbles in what is a fine biography of a major Canadian film producer.
There were the usual quibbles about "authenticity," but when you've got two literary hunks like these steaming up the screen, I say accents, schmaccents!
There are quibbles - the documentation is poor and it's all too easy to shove a slide in the wrong way and have it floating about inside the machine.
Such minor quibbles apart, the book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in a country which has the potential to be a bridge between East and West.
In the course of his long and high-minded career, he has earned a place of honor in American nonfiction, and whatever the quibbles with his latest piece of work, it's important to move on to a larger point: Despite its inevitable imperfections, New York Days is a gripping memoir--brilliant in places--by one of the finest editors of our time.
Verdict: Those quibbles aside, it's the best back-up power source we've tested - light with plenty of oomph.
These are relatively minor quibbles, and there is much to value in Hepp's explication of the spaces the middle class established for themselves and the 'personal geographies' of individual Philadelphians, particularly in their reactions to early twentieth century changes in urban geography.
A few other quibbles. The content of the drawings, while generally clear and well-detailed, is variable in quality.