quick discharge

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Evidently, it is very important to conceive the things from the perspective of a startup aspirant, given that they expects quick discharge of services regardless of lengthy authorities' approval protocols and complicated technical glitches.
Many facilities now include greeter desks that have space for an initial, nurse-led triage (combined with Web-based check-in); a rapid medical evaluation area that allows ambulatory patients to remain upright during their initial work-up; staff-supervised lounges where patients and family can await diagnostic results; private consultation rooms utilized for quick discharge, education, payment, and follow-up scheduling; and bedside computers for real-time imaging review, patient education, and electronic medical records.
Days later, I'm told by an outside source that there's a MRSA infection (read: patient-killing bug) going around the hospital, and that may have had something to do with her quick discharge.
Additional features include a 300-f2 on-chip load resistor for output quick discharge when the switch is turned off and adjustable rise time by an external ceramic capacitor on the CT pin.
The product substantially improves quick discharge and discharge performance required for collectors in automotive LIBs.
insurance plans often force the quick discharge of patients, without any means of counseling.
Some Cobra advantages are said to include oil-free operation for easy product recovery and no disposal costs; a simple screw design for easy maintenance; single stage design with no intercoolers; a small footprint for less space requirement; non-contacting parts for longer pump life; and a straight, short flow path for quick discharge so product cannot accumulate in the pump.
The mixer's conical geometry promotes efficient heat transfer and quick discharge after the cycle is finished.
Has automatic container infeed and quick discharge to a conveyor belt.
The Sentry 10 also provides remote start/stop and pass/fail outputs, quick discharge of a DUT, and a safety interlock signal for operator protection.
Discovering that those electrical volleys--pairs or triplets of quick discharges --apparently probe for prey is "a remarkable finding," says Mark Nelson, a sensory neurobiologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who has studied electric fish.
Although the dissipative nature prevents the quick discharges to bare chips as opposed to conductive materials, quite a number of the static-dissipative [10.