quick discharge

See: dispatch
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Number of patients undergoing cervical disc replacement in ASCs is increasing substantially due to factors such as quick discharge and their cost effectiveness, which in turn is expected to fuel growth of CTDR device market in the ASCs segment.
The product substantially improves quick discharge and discharge performance required for collectors in automotive LIBs.
insurance plans often force the quick discharge of patients, without any means of counseling.
Some Cobra advantages are said to include oil-free operation for easy product recovery and no disposal costs; a simple screw design for easy maintenance; single stage design with no intercoolers; a small footprint for less space requirement; non-contacting parts for longer pump life; and a straight, short flow path for quick discharge so product cannot accumulate in the pump.
Has automatic container infeed and quick discharge to a conveyor belt.
Conflicting prescriptions, lack of information, competing hospital systems, and an attempt to cover up by a quick discharge are aspects of her story.