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The quick-tempered builder is about to face the revelation - during his grandson Joseph's christening - that his teenage daughter Katy wants to be a surrogate for older sister Izzy's baby, and his reaction is likely to dismay both his daughters and long-suffering girlfriend Anna Windass.
The protestors will be quick-tempered from thirst and hunger, and also in many cases less frightened of death.
The local police arrest Kenny Waters (Rockwell), the quick-tempered rogue they haul in for most crimes.
Flashes of memorable brilliance that conjured up memories of Old Course glory in 2000 and 2005 have been interspersed with the quick-tempered tantrums he pledged to eradicate from his game.
He frequently gets caught up in Larry's mishaps, while also having to deal with his quick-tempered, foul-mouthed wife Susie.
Giving evidence in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today, Shirley Singh said her husband Vijay was a quick-tempered man who used his fists when he was angry.
Margaret Gregg, a former colleague of Shelton, who had also become friends with Mrs Martin, said Shelton was quick-tempered, impatient and easily upset.
And who played quick-tempered traffic warden Mrs Cantaford in the series?
Meanwhile, feisty, quick-tempered Shui-lian flees from her family and the marriage that they are trying to enforce upon her.
To reduce collisions with pedestrians and quick-tempered motorists trying to beat trains, Metrolink will secure rights of way, install longer gate arms and make other improvements at 63 busy crossings along its Ventura County and Antelope Valley lines.