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While theirs seemed calm and demure, mine was abrasive, combative, and quick-tempered. If I was by chance disrespectful, or if I failed to clean my room, my mother would yell at mewith a spatula in hand, for emphasis.
We named Jane executor of our estate because Susan is a heavy pot smoker and quick-tempered.
Aries (March 21-April 19)-You are quick-tempered, impatient and scornful; many people think you are mentally ill.
The lovely Mollie Ralston, played by Joanna Croll, and decent if quick-tempered husband Giles, Henry Luxemburg, welcome a strange assortment of guests to their Monkswell Manor Guest House.
Extremely hot temperatures in France at this time are also likely to contribute to nervousness and quick-tempered reactions.
Walker forces Brendan to relive his childhood demons and, with Seamus tied up, encourages the quick-tempered Irishman to take brutal vengeance.
At times I would get a little annoyed at consultations, especially when patients argue with me and become as quick-tempered as I.
The quick-tempered builder is about to face the revelation - during his grandson Joseph's christening - that his teenage daughter Katy wants to be a surrogate for older sister Izzy's baby, and his reaction is likely to dismay both his daughters and long-suffering girlfriend Anna Windass.
Francis describes in Traitor's Kiss is one we would recognise; proud, intelligent, brave and quick-tempered. The author not only captures her character but also what it must have been like to grow up a daughter of a beheaded Queen.
The protestors will be quick-tempered from thirst and hunger, and also in many cases less frightened of death.
The local police arrest Kenny Waters (Rockwell), the quick-tempered rogue they haul in for most crimes.
Flashes of memorable brilliance that conjured up memories of Old Course glory in 2000 and 2005 have been interspersed with the quick-tempered tantrums he pledged to eradicate from his game.