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One of two things," thought the quick-witted old lady.
Sir Percival has already dismissed Fanny because she is a quick-witted girl, and devotedly attached to you, and has chosen a woman to take her place who cares nothing for your interests, and whose dull intelligence lowers her to the level of the watch-dog in the yard.
I know not the meaning of all you have said, Doctor Battius," returned the quick-witted girl, who understood the weakness of the philosopher, and often indulged him with a title he loved so well to hear; "but I shall think it dangerous to venture far from the camp, if such monsters are prowling over the prairies.
JUNO Sky Movies Greats 1PM Quick-witted, snarky comedy about teenage pregnancy, with Ellen Page as the gymslip mum who plans to give her baby away to a wealthy couple.
QUICK-W QUICK-WITTED cops used out of work Zayn Malik and Jeremy of work Zayn Malik and Jeremy Clarkson in a recruitment Clarkson in a recruitment tweet on social media.
Each man to his task quick-witted and bright Well up for the job, their hands on the reins, To observe them at work is sheer delight.
The envelope contained a considerable amount of money and very valuable photographs, including Derwent Church spike sticking above Ladybower Water which was blown down in 1949, 45 published letters from various papers and an Examiner article with my phone number in it from which quick-witted Anita Gerrard in the customer services contacted me before I realised it was missing.
The Cramlington-born star will rub shoulders with the likes of Robin Williams, Tim Minchin and Dara O'Briain on Set List - a new Sky Atlantic series which has been crafted to find out just how quick-witted comedians really can be.
On the TV series he was the 'most tip top' character on the block, a quick-witted gang leader who easily outwitted the dopey Officer Dibble.
Cyril is very quick-witted and runs or cycles at speed.
30pm) ROB Brydon (below) may be one of the most quick-witted and well-liked comedians on the circuit at the moment, but the Swansea-born actor and funnyman finds himself under the spotlight for very different reasons tonight.
AN ARMED robber who held a knife to the throat of a cashier was caught thanks to the quick-witted actions of a passing motorist.