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The quick-witted Major anticipated the nature of my question.
Sir Percival has already dismissed Fanny because she is a quick-witted girl, and devotedly attached to you, and has chosen a woman to take her place who cares nothing for your interests, and whose dull intelligence lowers her to the level of the watch-dog in the yard.
Six foot three in height, active as a squirrel, dexterous with his fingers, finally, remarkably quick-witted, for this whole ingenious story is of his concoction.
He is not a very quick-witted youth, though comely to look at and, I should think, sound at heart.
His recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show showed he is articulate, quick-witted and he mixed it with Hollywood mega-star Tom Hanks without blinking.
But long before he shone on the big screen, Williams was a fixture in stand-up comedy scene in the '70s and left audiences in roaring laughter with his quick-witted and often wild energy.
The great and good - plus a few old hacks - also turned for the studio bash to remember funny stories of bizarre call-ins and quick-witted put-downs.
Fans rallied behind the program to share their quick-witted plays to impress the boss, win at romance and be the champion of the game-day party
QUICK-W QUICK-WITTED cops used out of work Zayn Malik and Jeremy of work Zayn Malik and Jeremy Clarkson in a recruitment Clarkson in a recruitment tweet on social media.
The traces of my fellow foxes, light-footed, quick-witted, are fugitive; you can find them, if you can find them, among Hawthorne's notebooks, though also in Aesop, foxes in their simpler states shrewd, telling tales out of school but, paradoxically, on the mark.
It's the result of getting all those quick-witted folk in one room - and it's also the reason the awards are celebrating their 25th anniversary.
Each man to his task quick-witted and bright Well up for the job, their hands on the reins, To observe them at work is sheer delight.