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Second, they know that Mr Blair - alone among the big political beasts - has the charisma and quick-wittedness to carry off a performance under pressure on the TV couch.
Louise's defense of her position against the initial challenge to her guardianship shows quick-wittedness, political acumen, and courage in facing the attacks of a well-positioned and powerful court favorite (Rohan fell from grace in 1505, but before that he was highly regarded, as his appointment as Francois's protector attests).
The fact that he survived two assassination attempts, in 1971 and 1972, not only through luck but through his own courage and quick-wittedness, clinched it in his own mind and probably in the minds of most Moroccans.
Obviously, these are intellectual in genre and require quick-wittedness.
Prized for his charm and quick-wittedness, Gill has hosted the top-rated CMA Awards television special for the past nine years and is set to preside over the 2001 awards show on Nov.