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Deane and Adams had put into that early revolver of theirs, and he could not have come down much quicker with my bullet in his spine.
Again, and with a swiftness an inappreciable fraction of time quicker than Ponta's, he ducked forward.
But the murderer had been even quicker than I had been.
But Saxon noted the heightened color in the other's cheek, and felt her quicker breathing.
Three quarters of major housing applications were decided in a time quicker than the average of 64.
For sheer ego, we stand up, throw our heads back and suck in air to try to recover quicker.
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The prosecutor said: "He told her the quicker she enjoyed what he was
The quicker you file the better; you may be owed a tax refund, so the sooner a return is filed, the quicker you could have that money in your bank account rather than the tax man's," said Ms Hopkins.
Another thing that impressed Prasanna was the way Ashwin used the quicker delivery.
11secs in the heats before going even quicker to win the final.
Neville got the ball rolling early on when he said: "I've seen milk turn quicker than some of these Napoli defenders .