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They carry out the execution and bury him in accordance with prison regulations: naked, in quicklime, outside the prison wall in unconsecrated ground, as we discussed in section one.
Further analysis using the BIOLOG method indicated that the greatest tobacco rhizospheric microbial functional diversity was measured in the quicklime treatment, i.
The doctor would then complete the death certificate and enter the appropriate cause of death before the body was taken and placed in an unmarked grave with quicklime.
The plan called for treatment with quicklime, which would dry it out, raise the pH and deactivate the bacteria and viruses.
An oxyhydrogen flame was directed at a cylinder of quicklime to create an illumination that would commonly be used to cast spotlights on solo performers.
Twisted Shop Class" includes electroplating and a quicklime hot tub.
AA limelight was a form of stage lighting once used in theatres and music halls, in which a flame was directed at a cylinder of calcium oxide, better-known as quicklime.
These include the old lighting board, a giant contraption of slides and knobs still attached to a wall in the wings of the stage, and doors where the limelights would have glowed when a flame was directed at a cylinder of quicklime in the days before electric lighting.
His appeal had little effect; he was hanged at Pentonville Prison on August 3, 1916; and his naked body was thrown into an open grave and blanketed with quicklime.