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Quicklime was commonly used by Mafia gangsters to dispose of victims' bodies.
The calcium carbonate is then heated to yield pure carbon dioxide and quicklime, which is recycled back into the extractor.
The NLC product range includes hydrated lime (slaked lime), quicklime, crushed limestone and agricultural lime.
After the ashes and the quicklime, after the horses in the church and the riders with long swords cutting down the simple men running, even after the women and nailed to the woodwork, even after all that, there is a singing about paradise.
And although most infected animals are buried with corrosive quicklime, he doubts that ranchers use enough of the chemical to kill all the infectious particles.
Quicklime ground - in bulk for the Department Siersza Power Plant.
Spreaders can disperse all dry binding agents such as Portland cement, quicklime, fly ash and bentonite.
Preliminary results indicate that the blocks from Khonkho Wankane are also quicklime.
The solution used to prevent potato blight contains nine ounces copper sulphate, six ounces quicklime and two gallons of water.
Zombies" series, and Quicklime Games,the developer of "Need For Speed: World.
Currently, the industry is dominated by quicklime which covers nearly 78% of the demand while slaked lime has 19% and hydraulic lime only 3% share of the market.
Never use hydrated or slated lime, sometimes called quicklime, as while this substance has many commercial uses, it is much too caustic for the garden.