quickly executed

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The commission was quickly executed by a strongly-built young woman with beautiful blonde hair and large, handsome eyes, who regarded us with curiosity.
One week later, their rebellion ruthlessly quashed by British forces, the surviving insurgents were jailed and many of their leaders quickly executed.
In a quickly executed study that reflects the global public health threat posed by Zika, the researchers compared Zika's effect on cells known as cortical neural progenitor cells to two other cell types: induced pluripotent stem cells and immature neurons.
Geeta Seshamani, Co-Founder, Wildlife SOS said "The entire exercise had to be very quickly executed with painstaking care.
Sufri said the Malaysian government should quickly executed other planned infrastructure large projects like the high-speed rail line to Singapore and the second and third lines of the MRT to ensure efficient and
Noting a complete loss of engine torque, low compressor-idling speed, windmilling propeller, and flames from the exhaust stack, the pilots quickly executed an emergency-engine shutdown.
In order to improve the customer experience in its stores, Wal-Mart quickly executed a major overhaul of its field operations while initiating what it calls a merchandising transformation and a significant improvement of the store environment in terms of layout, design and assortments.
For example, as in this case, and was quickly executed, the house and assets were passed into a trust, the property could not be sold or assets realised unless the trustees agreed.
A major error for a quickly executed turn in the road with few observations.
His performances, which have the make-believe quality of mime, are so quickly executed as to be over almost before they begin, leaving only mental afterimages of fleeting gestures.
Pretty soon, the cast end up on the monsters' snack list in a series of attacks so quickly executed in fast cuts and in the dark that it is difficult to know what is going on.
Material handling assignments are quickly executed by simply changing the marked routes or changing the self-tutoring programmable controller.