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Betel quid has pleiotropic unwanted effects on metabolic and cardiovascular health (Table).
Frequency (per day) of gutka / betel quid use was higher in men (4 times or more on average) when compared with women (average 2 times per day), which could be associated with the male predominance observed as well as higher stage at diagnosis recorded in men compared with women.
We are proud to have reached this funding milestone with Quid, right on the heels of signing our first multi-million-dollar customers," said Neville Crawley, CEO of Quid.
Betel quid is freshly prepared by the user or a vendor.
Conclusion: The present clinico-pathological status of oral cancer still emphasizes primary prevention by creating awareness against the devastating effects of tobacco use, betel quid, its substitutes and areca nut, which can go a long way in decreasing the incidence of this disfiguring and lethal condition.
Quid has been warmly received by the traditional and electronic media covering business and technology.
They discovered that compounds in the arcea nut can "alkylate" the genetic material DNA, causing changes that increase the risk of cancer, and they are present in betel quid in amounts high enough to do so.
Instead I received pounds 3 in season and two quid out of season.
23) The court also boldly states that in some instances, the word "explicit," as applied to a quid pro quo agreement in McCormick, can actually mean the exact opposite, "implicit.
Plus, I could save a few quid on those boarding school fees.
An in house team at Mack-Cali previously handled leasing in the building, but a source revealed that the company may be handing off the assignment as part of a quid pro quo.