quid pro quo

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Quid Pro Quo

[Latin, What for what or Something for something.] The mutual consideration that passes between two parties to a contractual agreement, thereby rendering the agreement valid and binding.

In common usage, quid pro quo refers to the giving of one valuable thing for another. Quid pro quo has the same meaning in the law but with varying implications in different contexts.

Quid pro quo, or the exchange of valuable consideration, is required for the formation of a valid contract between individuals who are not merchants. This requirement of mutual consideration, or the exchange of something of value, indicates the sincerity of the parties' intent to adhere to the contract between them.

The term quid pro quo is also used in the contexts of politics and Sexual Harassment. In politics quid quo pro can refer to the use of political office for personal benefit. For instance, an elected official might promise favorable governmental treatment to a person in exchange for something of value. This form of quid pro quo would be a violation of the law. On the federal level, the Hobbs Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 1951 [1994]) makes it a felony for a public official to extort property under color of office. Trading campaign contributions for promises of official actions or inactions are also prohibited under the act.

In the area of sexual harassment, quid pro quo describes a form of sexual blackmail. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is the conditioning of employment benefits on an employee's sub-mission to unwelcome sexual conduct. Title VII of the civil rights act (42 U.S.C.A. § 2000 (e)-2 [1988]) provides a remedy for quid pro quo sexual harassment. Most courts follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's guidelines and hold that the necessary quid pro quo exists if submission to unwelcome sexual advances "is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment" or if submission to unwelcome sexual advances "is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual" (29 C.F.R. § 1604.11(a)(1)-(2) [1997]).

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quid pro quo

(kwid proh kwoh) n. Latin for "something for something," to identify what each party to an agreement expects from the other, sometimes called mutual consideration. Example of its use: "What is the quid pro quo for my entering into this deal?" (See: consideration)

quid pro quo

noun agreement, counterbalance, counterpoise, equipoise, exchange, express agreement, give and take, interchange, measure for measure, mutual agreement, mutual consideration, mutual understanding, one thing in return for another, reciprocality, reciprocation, reciprocity, something equivalent, something for someehing, substitute, understanding
See also: collection, payment

quid pro quo

‘something in exchange for something else’.

QUID PRO QUO. This phrase signifies verbatim, what for what. It is applied to the consideration of a contract. See Co. Litt. 47, b; 7 Mann. & Gr. 998.

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To resolve this split, the Supreme Court considered whether proof of the existence of a quid pro quo agreement is required for conviction under the Hobbs Act in McCormick v.
Thus, she framed her theory of harassment as quid pro quo harassment.
The factual predicates in many cases could be characterized interchangeably as either hostile work environment or quid pro quo harassment.
Also retired officers come back as civilians in rigged personnel boards and then get rapid promotions as they get in the Quid Pro Quo game to help Admirals and Generals to place their sons and daughters.
At the time of the court's decision, there were two strains of harassment doctrine under Title VII: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.
We then go to the judge and ask her to dismiss the case on the two substantive legal issues we examined earlier - quid pro quo and hostile environment.
The corporation could substantiate that no quid pro quo goods or services were offered by keeping a letter to that effect from the donee organization in its file.
Invoking a Supreme Court ruling that a person can't be punished for the same offence twice, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Thursday made it clear that since the CBI has already filed an FIR and chargesheet against the former CM, no separate FIRs against Ashok Chavan will be filed by Maharashtra government " Those persons found guilty of quid pro quo and those against whom an FIR and chargesheet has been filed, as per the Supreme Court ruling in the past, that in case of same crime two different FIRs need not be filed," Prithviraj Chavan said.
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Quid Pro Quo, a young adult novel by Vicki Grant (Orca Book Publishers) has been nominated for the 2006 Edgar Allan Poe Awards by Mystery Writers of America, honouring the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, television and film published or produced in 2005.
Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a supervisor or manager conditions an employment benefit or continuing employment on the employee's acquiescence in the form of sexual behavior.
PRESIDENT Bush said there would be no quid pro quo for our prime minister's support for his Iraq war.