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Accidents are also kinds of being per se, yet they depend upon substance for their being; this is why accidents are described as being quiddities which receive their existence in a subject.
quiddities" (1HIV 1.2.45), a training which fosters the immense persuasive power he deploys in Henry V, most notably when he convinces the fearful privates Bates, Williams, and Court that "the King is not bound to answer for the particular endings of his soldiers" (4.1.155-56) even when it is the king who has led them to their deaths.(30) Even more significantly, Plutarch's Alcibiades is said to have had, like the theatrically resourceful Hal/Henry, a
Great art is distinguished from merely popular art by the fact that a more refined sensibility is required for its deepest effects, provided that this refinement does not detach itself from the quiddities of life, as it did in the Yellow Book period.
Also like Goldin, Mannikko knows how kicked-up color can function analytically, drawing almost tactile attention to the quiddities of things.
If one already knows or grants that essence and esse are really distinct in all beings other than God, then one may indeed assign our recognition of these two features of a given being to the two distinct operations of the intellect, that is, to its grasp of quiddities, on the one hand, and to its judging operation, on the other.
Look at them / Lion-like watching the way ..." The fullness of the world he senses here is the (romantic if you like, irrational if you like) fullness of a world loaded with quiddities, special cases, things that don't seem replaceable or interchangeable.
(43) Any noun expressing a concept of esse that we form is given an extended sense that goes beyond quiddities and categories.
He writes "Quiddities," the lead column in DIRECTORS & BOARDS, and has also written a number of articles for the journal over the years.
Avicenna gives horseness and whiteness as examples of quiddities in the Metaphysics of the Shifa'.
(37) First, there are those concepts that are the productions of the first operation of the intellect and correspond to the essences or quiddities of things.
Plato claimed that the quiddities of sensible things are separated from matter and actually intelligible; that is why it was not necessary for him to posit agent intellect.