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Avicenna gives horseness and whiteness as examples of quiddities in the Metaphysics of the Shifa'.
37) First, there are those concepts that are the productions of the first operation of the intellect and correspond to the essences or quiddities of things.
Plato claimed that the quiddities of sensible things are separated from matter and actually intelligible; that is why it was not necessary for him to posit agent intellect.
He comes to this conclusion through a study of the term similitudo, which Aquinas often uses to designate both the species and the inner word; they are similitudes of the quiddities of things (p.
Furthermore, one reads in the Avicenna Latinus that the quiddities of entities do not deserve being if abstracted from the Necessary Being due to Itself.
r], and consequently do not have quiddities or essences in the strict sense.
The object of each science is the addition of "this quiddity" to "quiddity," but the other sciences are not subalternated to the science of "quiddity": metaphysics for Scotus is thus the thought of all quiddities as "all quiddities," for each quiddity is man or angel or stone and so on, not quiddity.