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The soundness of the componential structure relates to the accuracy and effectiveness with which the model represents the quiddity or essence of professional development.
These things said, it remains to establish the chronic quiddity of Swan's appeal--the whatness of it, excluding, I suppose, her constant alertness to the delights of the body.
For a thing's being preceded by something else is an incidental attribute extrinsic to the quiddity, and attributes that are extrinsic to a quiddity do not impair that quiddity.
There will also be a range of performances from local and overseas artists, including Quiddity Theatre Company and Butoh dancer Gabriella Daris.
Just as when I sensed the ghost's papery heartbeat, I now equally understand the quiddity of rubber.
The bitter dissatisfaction with the status quo and frequently savage critical articulacy that is apparent in much of Barthes's work is camouflaged by Sontag's emphasis on the elegance and quiddity that exists in the same essays.
Relishing the visible, tangible word is a linguistic variation on a prevalent theme in Vladislavic's fiction: delight in things--individual items, collections, miscellanea--their contours, shapes, colours and weights, their physical qualities, their quiddity.
Perhaps inevitably, we hear much more on the objects than the subject of fear, its quiddity.
In short, it militates for a sense of quiddity over and against a concern for liquidities, ironically reversing a concern for liquidities that ossifies discourse into a concern for quiddity that accommodates plasticity and liability.
It is a well established quiddity of gentle old ladies and beamingly mild and harmless vicars that they savour the fictive horrors of murder most foul--on paper.
It is this quiddity of emotion that I find missing from Taruskin's volumes.
Reflections that in most lights interfere Take on despite themselves a quiddity Sallow, tall, branching .