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It involves examining the very essence of the concept in question: what is conceived as its substance, or its quiddity.
The quiddity of particular relationships, the things that matter most, get filtered out.
Later, when he wants to emphasize this dilemma he feels he has found, Wilson writes: "So I circle back to the flaw in Borges, his uncanny oddity, his utter quiddity" (12).
The production is directed by John Britton, senior lecturer at Huddersfield and director of Quiddity Theatre, who has long experience in training performers and in creating cross-art form performances.
Documenting the quiddity of objects and landscapes, they produced a paratactical, accumulative language.
"Washington, DC, 1863." Quiddity 1 (Fall/Winter 2008-2009), 13-14.
His stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Quiddity, Eyeshot, Opium Magazine, and Right Hand Pointing.
From thralldom to substance and quiddity, Bacon, "like Moses, led us forth at last," wrote Abraham Cowley, the Royal Society's first laureate, in an ode of 1667.
These things said, it remains to establish the chronic quiddity of Swan's appeal--the whatness of it, excluding, I suppose, her constant alertness to the delights of the body.
For a thing's being preceded by something else is an incidental attribute extrinsic to the quiddity, and attributes that are extrinsic to a quiddity do not impair that quiddity.
There will also be a range of performances from local and overseas artists, including Quiddity Theatre Company and Butoh dancer Gabriella Daris.
Just as when I sensed the ghost's papery heartbeat, I now equally understand the quiddity of rubber.