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Begg said: "The name Quids In, comes from our aim to be able to provide a theatre experience for children, though our children's shows, for just one pound.
Angie and Quids In have already posted their four double clears for Discovery second rounds in 2010.
Mr Foster said: "With both the Quids Inns and the Tavistock brands, we seem to have hit on formulas that work.
Quids for Kids is a loyalty scheme where parents were given the opportunity to win up to pounds 1,000 for schools by saving till receipts.
Quids Inns started with the acquisition of Washington Football Club in August, 2003.
The Quids for Kids event saw a family of four "apes" and their "keeper" mingling with shoppers in July which caused some mayhem but managed to keep little shoppers entertained.
The businessman who brought fine dining to Sunderland with Tavistock Place expects Quids Inns to turn over pounds 16m and employ up to 240 people within three years.
If that happens, one Glasgow family will be quids in.
QUIDS were sold principally to individuals in $25 denominations.
In November 1998, the Company issued $100 million of Senior QUIDS callable on or after November 1, 2003.
Quids Inns is expected to be a 20-strong chain with 240 staff and an annual turnover of pounds 16m within three years, Mr Foster said.