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So that which always had been less than secondary, now became completely quiescent, and he was satisfied that it should.
For some time Mrs Verloc remained quiescent, with her work dropped in her lap, before she put it away under the counter and got up to light the gas.
Diving beneath the settling ship, the whale ran quivering along its keel; but turning under water, swiftly shot to the surface again, far off the other bow, but within a few yards of Ahab's boat, where, for a time, he lay quiescent.
You have a very bad disposition," said she, "and one to this day I feel it impossible to understand: how for nine years you could be patient and quiescent under any treatment, and in the tenth break out all fire and violence, I can never comprehend.
He had never realised before that underneath every action, underneath the life of every day, pain lies, quiescent, but ready to devour; he seemed to be able to see suffering, as if it were a fire, curling up over the edges of all action, eating away the lives of men and women.
Based on our recent contributions (Nature 2014, Nature 2016), the fields of tissue regeneration and aging converge on the key role of the quiescent state, the preferred state of stem cells in low turnover tissues such as skeletal muscle.
The researchers found that the new group of stem cells is quiescent - i.
Linear Technology Corporation (Bensalem, PA) announces a new wider temperature range, H grade version of the LT3007, the latest member in a family of high voltage, micropower, robust PNP-based LDOs, featuring an ultralow 3pA quiescent current.
These galaxies likely grew from much more compact quiescent galaxies observed as they were 10 to 11 billion years ago (roughly at a redshift of 2).
Linear Technology (Milpitas, CA) announces a new high reliability (MP) grade version of the LT3845, a 4 to 60 V input voltage range, low quiescent current synchronous step-down DC/DC controller.
It was shown that the MHL expression was successful in explaining experimental crystallization growth kinetics data for LLDPE, under quiescent conditions [11].
To more quickly detect cancers that are missed by bronchoscopy, Spira and his colleagues scanned 22,500 genes in lung-lining cells and found that 80 are inordinately active or quiescent in cancerous cells compared with their behavior in normal cells.