quiet down

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We quiet down our attempts to distract ourselves from the difficult realities inside us, much like the instruments of the orchestra stop their cacophony in order to hear the oboe.
They'd apologize if I had to tell them more than once to quiet down or watch their language.
Officials ordered him removed because he refused to stop arguing and quiet down during a discussion about a senior citizens housing project.
Of course I was bothered by the noise they were creating and I chose to ask them to quiet down a bit.
The game prompted an outrage because in it, you try to quiet down a crying baby, by shaking it.
12 : to or in a state of less activity <Everyone quiet down, please.
Summary: Although things never really seem to quiet down in Beirut when it comes to nightlife, some neighborhoods that were previously known as hubs for partygoers have recently suffered as a result of the turbulence the country continues to face.
Nicholas wants to go to bed, but his house and neighborhood are so noisy that he packs a snack, puts on his space suit, and blasts off for the moon until things quiet down.
Obviously there are far more AFI attendees at night: Things quiet down in the evenings at AFM, and we're just getting going at 6 p.
Apparently disgruntled about Scott's recent break-up with him, Ybarra became loud enough that Fitts motioned to him to quiet down so that his neighbors would not hear the yelling.
The hen was very upset and didn't quiet down for some time.