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He said: "It's when parents repeatedly use high calorie foods as a quick way to appease their children when they're upset or to quieten them down when they misbehave that they begin storing up future problems for them.
'Part of Rangers' plan will be to quieten the crowd and increase the tension'
"They'll be hoping to use that to their advantage and hopefully we'll quieten them."
First announced in 2014, the plan by Highways England to widen and quieten the road followed years of campaigning by local groups, Mr Cunningham and the late Frank Cook.
Why don't we all quieten down a bit and just get on with it?" Actress Joanna Lumley, 70
As an away player, our first job was to quieten the crowd.
"If we started well we knew we could quieten the crowd and that was the best we've played this season in the first half.
This holy place is where we can be mentally peaceful, quieten our human egos and let ourselves be lifted up by our all-powerful and ever-loving Father-Mother God.
"Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through.
Many of the away support tried to get the louts to quieten - which only served to crank up the volume.
But Sport Confidential hears that the Special One has decided to quieten down this season.
When Baker told them to quieten down she got into an argument with them.