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Even a much-needed 2-1 win over Bolton - achieved by Cole's injury-time goal - did little to quieten the whispers which say the Englishman is living on borrowed time at Anfield.
As a manager I've been an easy target but that might quieten them down.
Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through.
Sophisticated technology has been used to obscure faces and car registration plates but such efforts have failed to quieten critics.
Part of Rangers' game-plan will be to quieten the crowd for as long as possible and to increase the tension with every passing minute.
But Sport Confidential hears that the Special One has decided to quieten down this season.
When Baker told them to quieten down she got into an argument with them.
Our fans won't want them coming and having a party at our place and, equally, we'll want to make sure we can quieten them," Neil (left) said.
He dropped his opponent in the opening round but struggled to impose himself after a decent start and although he deserved his victory, a 79-71 scoreline will do little to quieten the doubters who believe the Coatbridge fighter's best days are behind him.
As the rally began, chants of "NUS, shame on you" could be heard, and National Union of Students (NUS) president Liam Burns appeared on stage in an attempt to quieten parts of the crowd.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent continued its ratings fight-back to quieten The Voice by attracting in excess of a million viewers more than the BBC1 show.
Menzies, who had a two-year stint as a stable jockey for Charles, did nothing to quieten his burgeoning reputation aboard Sultan V, and Great Britain chef d'equipe Rob Hoekstra will have made a strong mental note of the combination's display in difficult circumstances.