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I continued to cry for quite a while and as I was crying I could hear a wolf outside that seemed to be matching its howls withmy sobs and the howling of the wolf eventually quietened me.
The road would have been of little overall benefit to our town - although the Newbold Road would have quietened down, the roads through Cawston would have become like the M25.
Tottenham were swiftly linked with Chimbonda but the rumour mill quietened as he concentrated on performing at the World Cup with France.
I am discovering that I can listen to the inner voice of reason and conscience, now things have quietened down enough for it to be audible.
So, their stay in Madrid was prolonged and, as things quietened down, they went to a bullfight in the old bullring.
The Health Service should offer a series of single jabs as an alternative until it can be convinced those fears have been quietened.
Business minister Carwyn Jones said the Assembly risked being seen as a ``talking shop'' ``Week after week we have heard this argument put forward and the situation has, if anything, quietened down.
But although the Shahikot valley is quietened down, tension is still brewing in Gardez, capital of Paktia province.
The defendant muttered "b***ks", out of hearing of the judge, but quietened down.
Only two of them were exposing themselves but we had the police out and it's quietened down thankfully.
Asked whether Australia had been distracted by the rows involving Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh, captain Ricky Ponting said: "It has quietened down in the last week when we have played our worst cricket.
I don't regret what I did - I'm pleased it has quietened down.