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The road would have been of little overall benefit to our town - although the Newbold Road would have quietened down, the roads through Cawston would have become like the M25.
He was rated too volatile for Serie A when he signed for AC Milan as a kid and although he has quietened down in Spain he could still be wound up in the Premiership.
Tottenham were swiftly linked with Chimbonda but the rumour mill quietened as he concentrated on performing at the World Cup with France.
I am discovering that I can listen to the inner voice of reason and conscience, now things have quietened down enough for it to be audible.
So, their stay in Madrid was prolonged and, as things quietened down, they went to a bullfight in the old bullring.
Business minister Carwyn Jones said the Assembly risked being seen as a ``talking shop'' ``Week after week we have heard this argument put forward and the situation has, if anything, quietened down.
The two-year-old got upset until doting mum Kate picked him up and quietened things down with some ear defenders.
Things have quietened down a little during the week, with a couple of excellent soloist-plustrio sessions, though it's hardly accurate to think of the Craig Milverton Trio in terms of an accompanying group - Craig, Bill Coleman and Nick Millward bring far more to the party than that.
I don't regret what I did - I'm pleased it has quietened down.
I felt I was in the lion's den when the crowd were so loud and partisan, but I quietened them (a little) with that first 136 checkout.
Bob's a big bloke and the heckler quietened down after Geldof threatened to give him a slap.