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QUIETUS, Eng. law. A discharge; an acquittance.
     2. It is an instrument by the clerk of the pipe, and auditors in the exchequer, as proof of their acquittance or discharge to accountants. Cow. Int. h.t.

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Sanctis contiguus sacroque patri, 5 vivit sic meritis appollinaris: illustris titulis potens honore, rector milicie forique iudex, mundi inter tumidas quietus undas, causarum moderans subinde motus, leges barbarico dedit furori.
Relation between oak tree phenology and the secretion of organic matter degrading enzymes by Lactarius quietus ectomycorrhizas before and during bud break.
The nightmare for Assad regime in Syria is that it is about to witness a repeat of Libyan uprising that toppled and finally gave Kaddafi his quietus.
Attracted to Julian, the articulate and beautiful woman who is one of the two Christians in the group, Theo agrees to observe a Quietus and bring the group's protest to his cousin, the Warden.
El siguiente texto de san Agustin, dada su igual longitud, es un optimo ejemplo de isocolon: Semper quietus es quoniam tua quies tu ipse es.
Quale (second unit director on James Cameron's "Titanic" and "Avatar") and Heisserer (who also penned the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake and the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing") stick closely to the game plan established by earlier "Final Destination" pics, methodically ratcheting up tension before each bloody quietus by slowly laying out the interlocking mishaps and happenstances that inexorably lead to decapitation, defenestration or other sorts of carnage.
The book nowhere acknowledges that this quietus may be less a sudden garroting than a slow-motion suicide.
He told The Quietus website: "The book has been called repulsive and distasteful, but taste is a very subjective thing.
That dog, a canine Hamlet, if you will, howls his "to be or not to be," and poetry is "his quietus make with a bare bodkin.
Each of the newly authorized officials would be charged by the Treasury with secret-service monies and required to submit accounts to the Treasury at predetermined intervals to receive their discharge or quietus.
Not until I discovered the active all-natural ingredients of my new homeopathic product Quietus, the ringing in my ear for years was finally silenced.
Although Nature seems to have power to "kill" "wretched minutes" and so prevent the Fair Youth from aging, yet Time's "audit, though delayed, answered must be, / And her quietus is to render thee" (lines 11-12).