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"Pick up my quills again," said Chiss in a sulky voice.
You must promise me to stop throwing quills at people."
"Because it is my nature to throw quills, and every animal must do what Nature intends it to do.
"Tell you what," said Scraps, who was trying to pull the quills out of her own body, "let's gather up all the quills and take them away with us; then old Chiss won't have any left to throw at people."
You and Ojo must gather up the quills while I hold Chiss a prisoner; for, if I let him go, he will get some of his quills and be able to throw them again."
So Scraps and Ojo picked up all the quills and tied them in a bundle so they might easily be carried.
The Shaggy Man limped as he walked, for his wound still hurt him, and Scraps was much annoyed because the quills had left a number of small holes in her patches.
"You were certainly stuck up until we pulled out those quills," observed Ojo, with a laugh.
Noel Vanstone took up another pen and began to strip the second quill of its feathers as he had stripped the first.
Then she fell to backing away and sneezing, her nose bristling with quills like a monstrous pin- cushion.
He walked as delicately as though all the snow were carpeted with porcupine quills, erect and ready to pierce the soft pads of his feet.
In a little while, One Eye noticed that the quills were drooping and that a great quivering had set up.