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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

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To date, more than 8 million quintals of grain have been collected, including nearly 6 million quintals of durum," he added.
This compared to 126,600 metric quintals exported in the same period during the last season.
With about twelve hundred acres in cultivation and plans to produce 3,500 quintals this year, Manrique says that within five years, his group will be exporting 20,000 quintals annually.
The quantities of controlled barley in regions have reached 44 thousand quintals out of the overall 84 thousand quintals.
Maximum yield was recorded in irrigated areas of Kairouan (82 quintals / ha).
The wheat seed scam dates back to the year 2010 when Haryana Seed Development Corporation ( HSDC) under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana had purchased one lakh quintals of wheat seed.
The Agency referred in its quarterly newsletter, for the third quarter of the 2012-2013 agricultural year (lasting from March to May 2013), that total consumption rates of domestic cotton reached 346,200 metric quintals, compared to 352,300 metric quintals during the same period of the previous year, representing a 1.
If we talk about this month, we used to get about 20,000 quintals per day but now we get only 18,000 quintals.
Summary: Rabat - Cereal production in the 2008-2009 agricultural season amounted to 102 million quintals, that is a 98.
Summary: Figures released today by the Ministry of agriculture and water resources show that the 2009 wheat crop is estimated at 10,7 million quintals, including 6,2 million quintals of hard wheat, 1,8 million quintals of tender wheat, 2,6 million quintals of barley and 50,000 quintals of triticale.
By Tesfa-alem Tekle August 10,2008(ADDIS ABABA) eCo Ethiopia imports a first round 212,000 quintals (21,200 tonnes) of wheat in an effort to tackle price hikes that is affecting millions of Ethiopians.
According to the most recent Conicafe figures, Nicaragua saw total exports through April 15 reach 694,010 quintals (46-kg bags), 12% lower than last year at this time of the season, but a strong recovery from the start of the coffee crop year when October exports were down over 64%.