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QUINTAL. A weight of one hundred pounds

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Metro Seeds, sources said, agreed to reduce the rate from ` 8,412 to ` 8,100 per quintal.
55 quintals, or 93 quintals per tractor which was less than what the jeep transported.
Our sugarcane rate is rupees 280 (around 6 US dollars) per quintal.
Additional DGP Brijlal said in the last two months, the police had seized 9,000 quintals of highly adulterated milk and milk products and arrested 58 persons.
Even a supply of 600 to 700 quintal of vermicelli, falls short during Ramadan," he said.
15 (ANI): A man in Ludhiana pushed a bus, weighing 3,500 kilogram or 35 quintals, upto 10 feet using an iron rod on the eve of Independence Day (Aug.
Calderon said that each farmer hoped for 80 quintals per acre, but they only got 10 to 17 quintals.
Under the stock limit order, a dealer can stock up to 2,000 quintals of sugar, except for Kolkata, where the limit id 10,000quintals because it is the largest trading centre for the commodity in the country.
5 quintals per acre, according to estimates for the 2011-2012 harvest announced by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Xinia Chaves, while participating in the fourth 'Ciclo' conference organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of MAG.
The first year, the produce of wheat in my farms was 15 quintals as compared to 30 for other farmers.
From May 15-June 15, 650,000 pounds of hulled rice and 650,000 quintals of unhusked rice will be imported.
The prasadalaya purchases the foodgrains once a year, and it includes 9000 quintals of wheat, 5,500 quintals of rice, 6,500 quintals of besan, 9,500 quintals of sugar, and 11,000 quintals of tur dal, besides 6,200 quintals of vegetables which are stored in the cold storage of the trust.