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And so, the Yeti emerged - a slightly quirkily styled tall, practical family-mobile that comes in diesel or petrol, two-wheel-drive of four-wheel-drive and doubles as a spacious shopping trolley or a trendy SUV.
If they want someone who is generally conservative but can be quirkily independent and thoughtful, who has had a full life and a broad range of international and domestic interests, and who understands that the legislative process takes some give and take, they will stick with McCain.
In A Space Exodus, Larissa Sansour quirkily sets up an adapted stretch of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey in a Middle Eastern context.
Judges often uncover a quirkily recorded entry - this year's entry is Sweet Billy Pilgrim's album Twice Born Men which was recorded by three session musicians on a laptop in a garden shed and released by former Japan star David Sylvian's label.
Spoiltpig is the quirkily named brand at the forefront of a drive for higher-welfare bacon from pigs reared to the RSPCA's Freedom Food standards.
Yet Bennett's image grabs of the legendary rock singer are quirkily precise.
The Twilight of the Bums" is a hilarious compilation of stories about two elderly old vagrants and their witty conversations, witticisms, and adventures, quirkily illustrated by veteran artist T.
The novel showcases all the author does best: quirkily engaging, full-fleshed characters; natural dialogue liberally interlaced with humor; expert pacing; an escalating mood of terror; and a panoply of creepy supernatural antagonists.
Long prized for its manifest articulation of capital, falconry now appears less triumphal than quirkily subcultural (in fact, the New York Times recently quoted Thater discussing the fact that the bird owners were initially wary of her and feared her inquiries for participation were attempts to confiscate illegal birds).
And they also rather quirkily offer snack packs of Jaffa cakes over the bar at pounds 1 for three.
Ghost Road is thus able to complete the third installment of its quirkily named Greek-themed trilogy, which began in 1995 with Elektra-La-La, followed by Clyt at Home in 2001.
duo of Amanda Barrett (on mandolin) and Abby DeWald (on guitar) as quirkily interesting as they filter retro musical styles like Western swing, folk and '20s jazz coupled with '40s vocal harmonies through hip sensibilities.