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Last year's HUSHHUSH, another big work, showcased the choreographer's humor, quirkiness, and sensuality far better.
Indeed, further evidence of the astonishing quirkiness that distinguishes water from virtually all other liquids has now surfaced in computer simulations of the behavior of water molecules cooled to temperatures well below water's normal freezing point.
The images reflect the diversity of New York City, its elegance, edginess and quirkiness.
And, perhaps crucially, it even offered a splash of character and quirkiness long before the advent of the modern MINI spawned a clamour to make small cars style icons.
The illustrations capture well the quirkiness of the tale .
Elliot Brooks said: "Americans like the quirkiness and sense of humour in British design.
But it was Carol's quirkiness and glorious character that set her apart from the B-listers on I'm A Celebrity.
To animate this backdrop of quirkiness, British actor and writer Fry has the perfect dry tones to deliver Adams' trademark humor.
A primary school teacher indecently assaulted three young boys and disguised his behaviour with a 'veneer of humour and quirkiness,' a jury was told yesterday.
New single Absent Friends displayed the band's famed quirkiness, the piano refrain having a familiar but not derivative feel.
Recorded in her living room on a 4-track, with some songs in French, others in English, it rocks with a quirkiness that'll give your mom a headache and your sister the shits, but it's still cute in a way.
Aside from some needlessly sappy sentimentality and a cute quirkiness to characters that sometimes seems a little too pat, the film is well written.