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Continuing exactly with your quirk, point to a circle and ask the question on it.
As per to Casey Quirk managing partner Yariv Itah Casey Quirk dates back to 2002, with offices in Darien, Conn.
However, the never before discussed dilemma on how such copious quantities of the stuff got consumed over the years, is a mystery to me given the near constant appearance of another such quirk - the stiff upper lip.
Elder brother Paul Quirk, 59, told the Daily Post he didn't realise how much affection customers had for the store.
Here and now, I was allowed to grieve and celebrate these dear people in all their goodness and badness, their quirks and habits, their unachieved dreams, their life's small successes.
Among Nader's quirks is his almost inhumanly practical mindset.
to help readers overcome some of the quirks of the various equipment and services available for using the web site, accessing files, and printing papers.
After my talk Raymond Smullyan, certainly the world's leader in popularizing logic, gently chided me for using CONVIVIAL and CONTRARY as my quirks.
In recent years, with the internet and retailers lowering prices, I hardly spent a penny at Quirks.
Another approach suggested that the colors represent quirks of fish metabolism.