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Irrfan took to social media to share the teaser as he wrote, "The teaser of my next film, a quirky comedy titled #Blackmail.
Downstairs in the quirky cottage, each room flows into the next.
Quirky keeps the reader guessing and on their toes and that's what we're looking to achieve.
Quaint and Quirky, modelled on a traditional English tea room, will be open for homeless people on Wednesday and Saturday from 3.
Marguerite Fisher, ParkLives co-ordinator, said: "This summer we're bringing some new quirky activities into the mix, offering everything from haka dancing to crazy golf, so there's sure to be something to pique everyone's interest.
I really hope the nation gets behind me and back their quirky or urban favourites to win this year's Special Places competition.
Of course, in gaming, it never is that easy, and this quirky and catchy little game is as annoying as it is addictive.
GE and Quirky already have a working business relationship, based on a USD30m investment that GE made in the startup's operations to develop smart home appliances.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 14, 2014-GE rumoured to be in talks with Electrolux, Quirky over home appliance business sale
We love coming across quirky little wines like the 2011 Chehalem "Inox'' Willamette Valley Chardonnay we picked up for about $18 at one of our favorite small independent wine shops.
CHARLOTTE Olympia is well known for her fun, quirky accessory designs and this perspex bag, left, is certainly a head-turner.
This all comes form a stand-up comedian who adds his quirky sense of humor to a collection of haunts and their personalities and possible incarnations, and is a top pick not just for adults or kids, but the entire family, who will find this a quirky and fun read.