quit work

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And he said if a man owned a beehive and that man died, the bees must be told about it before sun-up next morning, or else the bees would all weaken down and quit work and die.
The two had agreed to meet her; and, after waiting, had gone to the room where she worked; only to find that the ham-wrapping girls had quit work an hour before, and left.
Workers of the At-Bashy District Culture Center (Naryn region) intend to quit work on May 6.
Ian, better known as "Jacko", is much-loved from his days as the Kop's "Choirmaster" and has had to quit work while he undergoes medical treatment.
He was telling the truth when he said that working mothers who want debt forgiveness might have to quit work if their childcare costs amounts to more than their wages.
Aridi also mentioned the railway station issue, saying railway laborers are poor people who have their own dignity, and it is not these laborers who decided to quit work but the government was the one responsible for their misery.
Quit work or cut their hours, according to a study by Diabetes UK.
Since the episode, Mrs Ternent quit work and moved back to Wales for the support of her parents.
Property developer Richard Storey, 52 - jailed for 16 months earlier this year - went bust when he had to quit work to care for his sick wife.
Robert Doran, 28, of Guildhall Road, Bootle was jailed for four years and seven months for the raid which left cabbie Mohammed Heydari so shaken he quit work and moved his family away from Liverpool.
Only one in three workers (34 percent) polled said they plan to quit work entirely once they're ready to retire from full-time employment, according to a just-released survey.
I was planning to quit work, but the council was very supportive and gave me a one-year career break.