quite the contrary

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The facts clearly show that Napoleon did not foresee the danger of the advance on Moscow, nor did Alexander and the Russian commanders then think of luring Napoleon on, but quite the contrary.
I don't accept the single cause of that is to do with the welfare reforms, quite the contrary.
Quite the contrary, Ramadan is a time when entertainment receives a cultural awakening, and a source of inspiration for those savvy on social media.
Not that the album doesn't rock -- quite the contrary, actually -- but the long, progressive rock stretches, the clear, evocative vocals, the symphonic elements .
Quite the contrary, Revstone Transportation believes a sale will be beneficial for all of Metavation's stakeholders including the plans' participants.
Not that ET had anything nasty planned - quite the contrary, the 8ft automaton came in peace.
I don't get the impression my nephew was opposed, quite the contrary.
Quite the contrary, March 14 contended it is the Lebanese who feel threatened by cross-border moves particularly in North Lebanon.
It's quite the contrary," said John of North London.
11) was in no way intended to downsize the seriousness of the school parking problem, quite the contrary.
Quite the contrary, it flourished but underwent a substantial transformation.
Israel's security would not have been damaged in the least -- quite the contrary -- if the peace activists on the ship had been allowed to reach Gaza as the respected guests of its Palestinian residents.