quite the contrary

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That doesn't mean children are banned from the complex ( quite the contrary in fact, as we have a guest suite where family members can come and stay ( but the development itself is self contained so that residents aren't disturbed by the outside world.
I have never been jiggly fat; quite the contrary, I am solid muscle.
In this warmly written, charmingly humane book, Samuel Wells contends that the situation is quite the contrary.
Quite the contrary, I found that lesbian morns supported their sons' masculinity, encouraged growth and independence, valued them as boys, and brought in role models.
The paucity of stars awarded the Time Out guide does not mean that I disliked it: quite the contrary.
She responded that, quite the contrary, she had always felt cheated.
Afghanistan will not become an American colony or a fifty-first state; quite the contrary, we were willing to invest our time and our treasure and the lives of our young men and women, along with the lives of other coalition soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines, to bring freedom to the people of Afghanistan.
Farmers in Wales will not be disadvantaged by agreeing with these measures - quite the contrary, it will improve their product in the eyes of consumers Europe-wide.
They have shown quite the contrary, in fact (see Running & FitNews, Mar/Apr 2003).
These qualifications, while impressive-sounding, are not such rare skills that many young people don't possess them already or couldn't readily work toward them; quite the contrary.