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To vacate; remove from; surrender possession.

When a tenant leaves premises that he or she has been renting, the tenant is said to quit such premises.

A notice to quit is written notification given by a landlord to a tenant that indicates that the landlord wants to repossess the premises and that the tenant must vacate them at a certain designated time.

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v. to leave, used in a written notice to a tenant to leave the premises (notice to quit). (See: notice to quit, unlawful detainer)

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1 to free, release, absolve.
2 to give up, renounce, leave.
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"But," again objected Raoul, "you cannot leave monsieur le comte thus alone; monsieur le comte, whom you have never quitted?"
During these eight months Barbicane never quitted Stones Hill for a single instant.
Jones no sooner heard this than he quitted the master, laying on him at the same time the most violent injunctions of forbearance from any further insult on the Merry-Andrew; and then taking the poor wretch with him into his own apartment, he soon learned tidings of his Sophia, whom the fellow, as he was attending his master with his drum the day before, had seen pass by.