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Seeing him much happier now in a different industry, not as an employee but as an entrepreneur, I suppose quitting early was one of his best decisions.
This focus on the pharmacists role in quitting will help patients understand why it is so critical pharmacists ask about smoking, and demonstrate how pharmacists can do so much more than simply hand over patches or gum.
The good news is that, for people who smoke infrequently, most remnants of nicotine are gone within three to four days of quitting, says the Quit Smoking Community.
Getting them started with a quitting plan and tools while they are admitted boosts their chances of success.
The campaign was launched this week with new data showing quitting success rates at their highest for years.
In Abu Dhabi, David S, from India, said that the tax on cigarettes would largely not affect him and that quitting smoking would be a personal choice rather than a financial one.
While punishment doesn't always work with addicts, research has shown that in the case of quitting smoking, minor punishments and penalties for backslides can help a quitter quit for good.
The irritability and anxiety that can often accompany quitting usually peaks at around 48 hours after quitting, so getting through the first few days is often the biggest hurdle.
Smokers across Yorkshire and the Humber are being urged to take part in Stoptober - the mass quitting challenge from Public Health England (PHE) starting on October 1 - and join nearly 15 million people across the country who have already quit.
She added: "When I meet them, I start with their story and barriers that they may face when quitting.
Whether to improve the quality of work life or to garner higher wages, they typically switch jobs by quitting their existing job rather than by becoming unemployed or leaving the labor force and then pursuing a new job.
Researchers discussed the importance of medication in quitting with all study participants.