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The long poem that makes up Quivering Land pivots around two women: Clem(entine), a woman of the Wild West who is avenging the murder of her family, and Violet, a modern-day visual artist tackling issues of abuse, colonization and the environmental destruction of indigenous territory.
Quivering with nervous vanity and unconscious destructiveness, Lange intriguingly conjures parallels between Amanda Wingfield and Williams's most famous beautiful dreamer, Blanche DuBois.
It's as though Tuttle were trying to update Kandinsk y's improvisations, while cognizant of the fact that improvisation had become dated, if not yet entirely obsolete, as Tuttle's own quivering works demonstrate.
The reality of it was that I was a quivering wreck inside.
The molecule sort of snaps into a new configuration and then sits there quivering in an excited state.
1) a bully or bullies start picking on Gun; 2) Gun tries to defuse the situation using nonviolent techniques (reason, persuasion); 3) Gun's attempts to defuse the situation fail miserably, and he is subjected to physical abuse; 4) Gun doesn't respond to said abuse (he thinks of his dear old morn, who hates it when he fights); 5) the physical abuse escalates; 6) Gun grits his teeth (this is the equivalent of Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk); 7) Gun unleashes a devastating counterattack that reduces his enemies to quivering puddings.